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Pick up words and concepts instinctively and without translation. Join the millions of people who have discovered a new language with Rosetta Stone. Learn with the Rosetta Stone immersion method. Move easily from words to phrases, to conversations.

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Perfect your language skills offline. Listen to our downloadable lessons and keep learning, wherever you are. Begin your journey Practice learning the basic greetings, questions, and phrases you need to introduce yourself, get around, and start simple conversations.

Read short stories aloud for instant feedback. What you learn now is the foundation of your language journey. Find your feet This is where your learning experience really gets going. Get outside and explore your surroundings! Eat out, order a drink, ask for directions, haggle over an item, or make a new friend. Consult our easy-to-access Phrasebook for greetings, phrases, and useful expressions.

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Out and about without internet access? Learn offline with downloadable lessons, or listen to our audio companion. You can talk about everyday life, ask for advice, communicate with clients, and make jokes. You can conduct business and socialize with confidence. If you enjoy your Rosetta Stone trial, do nothing and your subscription will automatically continue. Payment will be taken until the end of the current period.

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Each language has words and phrases that simply cannot be translated. When you have a conversation in a foreign language and you have to translate the foreign words you hear into your native language and then translate your response from native back into foreign language, you will not only get tired and stressed out but your conversation will not be fluent and natural. What works for me are images.

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Then coming up with Blumen, fleures, flores, etc. Those are just my 2 cents. This approach works best for me.

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English is my 3rd language. Email Print Friendly Share. Related Articles. Rosetta Stone. Contact Data.

With a Reader Account, it's easy to send email directly to the contact for this release. Sign up today for your free Reader Account! Already have an account? However, the study included only one language, Spanish, and both tools dramatically increased the Spanish speaking ability of participants.

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Both share some similarities, but they teach differently, and one style may be more conducive to your learning preferences. This makes learning quicker and simpler, but less immersive. And using the target language in the thought process is one of the major cornerstones of learning it.

Rosetta Stone is also a bit more feature rich than Duolingo. For example, it has an adjustable speech recognition engine you can tweak to increase or decrease the difficulty of pronunciation tests. As you progress through your lessons, you can make the speech recognition judge harder. You learn to decipher, pronounce, and identify words and characters. Duolingo is free to use, and Rosetta Stone offers a free trial to give you a taste for the way it teaches. Give them both a go and see if one grabs you more.

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Truth is, both of these tools are great for different reasons. It is a fantastic introduction to the languages it offers and it gives you a lot to work with for no charge. And Duolingo is super easy to use anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Just try it.