Burn mac os x lion on dvd

To do this, you will need a storage medium DVD, flash drive, or hard-drive partition of at least 4GB in size, and then just follow these steps:.

How to Burn CDs or DVDs in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

Purchase and download Lion from the Mac App Store. When downloaded it will be added to your Dock and Applications folder, but do not proceed with the installation and instead quit the store and close the installer if it has automatically opened.

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At this point you can either create the installation disc, or you can copy the installer to a backup location so you can create the installation disc at a later point. Right-click the installer and choose Show Package Contents. Note: You will see an option in the menu to burn the item to disc, but do not use this as it will only burn the item as-is and the resulting disc will not be bootable.

Burning a bootable DVD copy of Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'

From here you can either burn the disk image to DVD, or restore it to a hard drive or flash drive. To do this, ensure your medium has at least 4GB of capacity and then follow these steps:. Insert a blank disc when the burn dialog displays, and then click Burn be sure to have Disk Utility verify the burn to ensure the media works as it should.

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  5. Create a Bootable DVD Copy of OS X Lion Installer.

To restore to a drive, select the Disk Image and click the Restore tab. Then ensure it is in the Source field drag it there if it is not , and then drag your drive of choice from the Disk Utility sidebar to the Destination field.

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Then click the Restore button and confirm you wish to delete the drive and restore the image to it. If you run into any errors, try formatting the drive first and then drag the formatted volume to the Destination field instead of the entire drive device. With the drive restored, you can now boot to it by either holding the C key down at start-up with the DVD in the drive, or to select a non-DVD boot drive, then start up with the Option key held down, and select the installation drive when it shows up. This approach brought many benefits, such as not having to keep and safeguard a physical disc, immediate access to the OS when purchased instead of having to wait in line, and server-side updates to the downloadable installer so that the most current version of OS X is always installed when updating new machines.

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Note that you can always re-download the version of OS X that came with your Mac for free. As of the date of this article, OS X OS X is a multi-gigabyte file so the download process may take a while depending on your connection speed.

How to burn OS X LION on a DVD ~Super Easy~

Open Finder and navigate to your Applications folder. Copy it from the installer package to your Desktop. Mount your drive or disc of choice to your Mac and launch Disk Utility. Press Restore to start the process.