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I tried several product codes from the list posted in this blog, yet no results. Does this have to do with the version of my mobile RM? Hope this helps :. Thank for your response. Indeed I have use the list of product codes for the N95 8gb, I was really aware of that, since I think there is danger to completely mess up the OS if you use the list in the wrong way, but still, the software upgrade did not occur. Amazing work , appreciate your research on this. Thank you very much. All the best for your future endeavours. Regards WR. I just purchased a N95 off ebay and didn't know all the cool stuff I can do wirh it until I found your site on google.

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Hi, Wonderful blogs that you have created. I was trying to look for answers for the "Share ur PC Internet with ur 3rd ed mobile by bluetooth". I do not have Wi-fi router. Hence the need. Any "working" tips will be appreciated. Re Anon Bluetooth: Unfortunately i can't help much on this either. I havent used that Bluetooth Setup in that way and it seems you have tried quite a lot of ideas already.

Sorry i can't be more help all the best. If both of these work i would assume it is a genuine model all the best. I have seen a few comments about the new firmware for the N95 V I have tried to find V Am I missing something? My current firmware is V Thanks in advance!

Re Brian N95 Firmware: If you can only upgrade to v. Otherwise you could just wait until the v. All the best. Running in idle usually uses 20MB which should leave around 28MB free. The RAM memory is of course different to the 'Phone memory' which is a storage space for the operation system, applications and everything else.

The SD memory card gives you addition space to store Movies , music or install applications etc.

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I hope this helps. I am updating the firmware using the "nokia software updater v2. But your web says there is an even later version You can change it using additional software. Details on this are in Section 2 on this page. Re lai My N95 used to restart quite a bit in the early days.

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  • I am surprised you still have the problem with later firmware. It is not usually the battery but a software issue, Some 3rd party software can cause a conflicts that can crash the phone. But i assume your phone is pretty clean as you updated the firmware. Dump or not to Dump. It's your choice :. Many thanks..

    Re Saffy On screen message: Apparently this is controlled by your network rather than your phone. You could contact your network provider and ask them if it is possible. Re Anon Network message: If you didn't have this problem when you first had the phone. I would do a Soft reset to get the original settings back. Hello, I have visited your site and believe that your blog have the content that would would be interesting for my website mobi Please reply if you agree at my point.

    The link to your site will be posted as soon as you will reply to us at neo7sxn gmail. The information on this blog are so much interesting free mobile java games. Hey I respect your blog a lot.

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    I just have one question. I debranded my nokia n95 8gb and as i am waiting for the nokia software updater to find updates but it says no current updates available. My current firmware is v Hey admin i want to ask you this. Since my Nokia Software Updater can't find new updates and it says there are no current updates available, what should i do.

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    I am using v Help please, Thanks. Once you have changed the product code then you should be able to get v Where is section 3?

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    • Re Shamim: Yeah good point! Because many of the webpages have changed since i originally posted this blog i removed the original section 3. Hi, Is it worth hacking my N95 8GB to install a tomtom? Is there any other option to do that? Re Hacking for Tom Tom: Well its up to you, if you can find a good tutorial that works.

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      Post a Comment. Updated FEB I started this blog in when the N95 was the latest in modern smart phones. I have maintained this blog as i really enjoyed creating it and know many people are still using this classic phone. You should be able to download files from all the links now.

      N95 8gb firmware update

      More free games from my N95 Locker! I have been going through my old N95 Locker replacing missing files from Fileden. I was surprised how many games and stuff i had that i never posted. So for those of you who still use the classic N95 here are some Free games from FishLabs download below:. Free FishLabs Games. The latest Firmware for N95 is v Nokia have listed the improvements as :. N95 Handbooks.

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      If you have lost your Handbook or just cant be bothered to find it! Desktop Icons. I have created two N95 icons for your computer, A Silver and Black version. Click on the image below to view other Pages. N95 Versions. This means you can store a lot more videos, music etc on the Internal memory.

      Both the N95 8GB's do not have a external memory card slot.

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      Network - The U. Speed up your N Here are my Top 10 tips improving the performance of your N Update your Firmware! If you have just got an N95 "Updating the firmware" is the main tip i can give. Every firmware release made improvements and fixed bugs in the previous software.