Transfer files from pc to mac over lan

Next, there should be a pop-up asking you for which folder you want to open. Select the required folder and input the username and password of the user of the hosting computer and you are good to go. QuickTip : If you want the fastest transfer speeds, we recommend connecting both the devices to the network via wires. Also, if you want to share with Windows computers, go to Options and turn on afp along with smb. Most of the new Macs come with Thunderbolt ports which offer insane bandwidth, but did you know you can use them solely just for File Transfer? Target Disk Mode allows you to access the whole hard disk of one Mac from another Mac, allowing you to copy files to and from the target device.

Using all the lanes of the Thunderbolt wire, you get the fastest speeds and this method is highly recommended for moving huge files, which is done in a jiffy. Using a Thunderbolt Bridge is also very similar, except that both the machines stay turned on and you can use both the Macs while the file transfer is taking place. To use Thunderbolt Bridge, you need to enable it on both the devices. And input the IP address after which it is the same as File Sharing. This is the only fast and convenient way to transfer huge files like video files and games from one Mac to the other.

However, as they need to be connected with a single cable, the machines need to be physically close to each other; this might not be a problem if one is a MacBook, but it might be troublesome to do this with two iMacs in different rooms. AirDrop might be the easiest and most convenient way to share files between two Macs and even iPhones. It basically uses WiFi and Bluetooth to connect and transfer files between the devices. File transferred!

It is wicked fast for small files like pictures and text files, however for much larger sized files, it does take a little time. Conclusion: If you can use AirDrop, that is the other Mac is in your vicinity, then you should be using AirDrop as it provides the most hassle-free experience of sharing files between two Macs. If the two Macs are in the vicinity of each other and the file to be transferred is relatively small, AirDrop is your best bet.

However, for larger files, Thunderbolt cables or File Sharing seem to do the job just perfect. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to transfer photos and videos from iPad to Mac using Wireless Transfer App so that your photos and videos will be wirelessly moved from iPad to Mac for backup, editing in iMovie or even burning in iDVD on Mac.

Open a web browser in your Mac and type the address exactly as that appears on your iPad including the colon and the following port number. The Mac version of Wireless Transfer App is also available. In the Mac app, detect your iPad device. The photos and videos in your iPad will be listed in the Mac app.

Connection by a Ethernet Cable

A dialog will open, asking for the server address. Press connect.

Enter your login information. You may need the user name and password for your PC in order to connect to it. The server will appear on the desktop and you can browse and copy over any files that you have shared.

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Method 3. Format the drive. There are two major filesystem formats for external drives that both Mac and PC can use. NTFS is the native filesystem for Windows.

FAT32 is a filesystem that works on all operating systems. NTFS drives can be read by Macs but not written to. FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit.

Transfer files between Mac and PC through ETHERNET in 2 Minutes - 2019

This will make your drive read-only for Macs until you reformat it, but you can still use it to transfer files from the PC to the Mac. Plug the drive into the PC. Once the drive is connected, you can copy files and folders onto it. Wait until the files are finished copying, then disconnect the drive. Plug the drive into the Mac. Once the drive is connected, you can copy files and folders off of it.

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Method 4. Make sure that you have the proper hardware. Most current drives have this capability. In addition to hardware, you will need to have the proper software. Insert a blank disc. Autoplay should open, giving you the option to add files to the disc to be burnt. If Autoplay does not start, open Computer and then open the disc drive.

How to Access Your Mac Data From a Windows 8 PC

You can drag and drop files here, and click the Burn button when you are ready. Wait for the burn process to complete. Depending on the amount you are burning and the speed of your drive, this could take up to several minutes. Insert the disc in your Mac. The disc will appear on the desktop, allowing you to open it and copy files to your computer.

Method 5. Decide if the files are small enough. If you only have a few small files to transfer, using email will be the simplest option. Many email providers limit file sizes to 25MB or less.

How to Share File Between Mac and Windows

Open your email on your PC. Compose a new email, with yourself as the recipient. Add files by attaching them to the email. When you are finished attaching files, send the email. Depending on how your email service operates, and how large the files are, it may take a few minutes for your email to arrive.