League of legends game crash mac

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I have High Sierra and never get a bug, I have installed LoL on my mac in September and have played close to games on it without a single bugsplat. Are you running fullscreen or something not recommended for mac? I bought my MacBook Air and I play league full screen with no problems or bugsplats as mentioned in this thread.

Maybe author just has PTSD after this bug https: Well I am absolutely not an expert or claming to know all of the recommended settings but the best value advices I've read and applied to date are:. Windowed mode saves your fps so much I use borderless Closing any other app than League Disable mouse software in the in-game settings No vertical sync Disable hot corners in mac system preferences I used to get a lot of connection issues on wifi and now that i'm on an ethernet it's all gone.

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Playing in fullscreen enables "fullscreen optimizations". Usually this can result in higher fps and lower input lag but it can also result in worse stability aswell as more inconsistent frame times. Every 2 games or so, the game randomly crashes. Sometimes it crashes twice in one game. It's almost always while I'm laning, but besides that I can't think of any similarities to the crashes. Be happy you even get to play on it. Linux users still can't after so many years. And don't count that Wine bs. Idk tho how Wine on LoL works now, in the past some Mac users that had troubles with their "native" version tried wine on mac and it worked better, but i heard wine has problems with new web client not game itself and idk if it was practicly resolved i heard wine on lutris works but how good idk.

Every time I read something about Linux it just sounds like so much work that simply isn't worth it.. Want to update all software in your system from repos? Sudo apt-get upgrade and DONE. As a person who regularly has to switch for long stretches of time between Linux and Win, I find that the amount of total mindbending BS that you have to go through on Windows is underestimated.

So if you've got the patience and time to learn Linux, and you're not I find that the amount of total mindbending BS that you have to go through on Windows is underestimated.

League of Legends (Black screen fixed by xFalcon)

You sure about them? Because from what i know Nouveau is using Gallium, but also Nvidia at least really improved driver quality on linux and frequency of updates is almost the same as windows. I saw 3. It did actually run fine on 2.

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It blows my mind that people turned this thread into a Windows vs Mac vs Linux or an anti-Mac uneducated discussion; so desperate to feel superior There is indeed some kind of Mac userbase; sometimes, for whatever reason, these are just the computers that are available. If Riot can catch the bug at an early stage, then further development can be done more carefully such that these negative effects won't be able to spread far across several patches and modules- a bug that seriously affects the playerbase Mac users and their teammates fixed at relatively low cost.

Props to OP for trying to raise awareness. I'm fine with people thinking Macs are awful because my skin isn't that thin. I just want Riot to make it so I can play the game without crashing. The thing is the bug does not affect all Mac users and without a way to consistently replicate the bug, it is very hard to fix. You also need to take into account that its not just on Riot's side.

Mac OS devs are continually pushing changes to their OS and most of the time devs need wait until its released to the public to test their products on the new OS. Oh wow thanks for this, I won't update to High Sierra then since I'm not having this bug with Sierra. Having to disconnect right before first camp spawns really screws you over since you have to do it without a leash afterwards.

I got used to it, but it keeps me from playing ranked since it's too risky. If you do get one I recommend exiting out of the bugsplat before reconnecting or you will keep getting strange issues in the game. I'm on Windows and over the past few months I've had a sporadic problem where after champ select, I get an instant error or bug splat and get stuck in a loop of bug splat, reconnect, bug splat.

I'm now on a 10 minute low priority queue because of it. Just randomly seems to resolve itself then randomly come back. Happened to me too bunch of times. Usually it's the first game of the day and after that it doesn't happen anymore. Thank fucking god someone says it and it gets noticed.

Get this to the front page. I literally crashed and died during the first wave. Then I reconnect to the game, walked to lane and crashed again. First tower gone at 5 min. Good times. After 4 patches, several support tickets and installing windows via bootcamp I ended with buying another PC just for games.

And there are lots of people who just want to meme about gaming on Mac, downvoting such posts for some reason. I guess they feel better if someone from their team disconnects during a ranked game cause such issues should not be prioritized in their logic. No one is asking Riot to drop everything and fix this issue, we just want it addressed.

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  • Companies usually try to avoid alienating customers who spend a lot of time and possibly money on their products, even if it's a smaller segment of customers. I changed all video settings to very low and it still crashes XD may I ask what resolution are you running league?

    Fix for Mac OSX High Sierra crashes : leagueoflegends

    Damn High Sierra users had a problem in my app development class this weekend too. Fucken High Sierra. I'm having the same problem. I had to stop playing because it's unplayable, crashes times each game. This happened to me!!! Went back and forth with Riot Support for ages. The only way I could fix it was wiping my Mac and downgrading to Sierra instead. I have a different issue where some days, after a perfectly fine first game of the day, on the second game I get ping up from my usual and if I turn off my laptop and turn it back on, the ping goes back to normal for the rest of the day.

    If I do the restart really quickly, I get to start the game with only two or three minions missed off the first wave, so it's not the worst thing, but it's kind of annoying. Also, it doesn't happen every day, just most of the days, but I haven't been able to determine what exactly triggers it, and I'm used to closing all apps but LoL before playing remnant habit from when the Mac client's performance sucked , so unless it's a background process, I don't know what could be.

    But, yeah, sometimes it doesn't. They have the the standard list of reasons I might be crashing.


    I have been getting this bug too. It is at the beginning of laning phase too so when I reconnect I am always to start the game. Always early game, and always when I first come into contact with an enemy usually when I land an attack on them , so around the 2 minute mark. My friend gets some really low single digit fps issues and trouble logging in because of something called MCS index.

    Very old posts exist about these issues but no a single one has a fix. Really messes up those few hours after work when we want to play. Still having this issue sometimes. It doesn't occur every game but it usually is the same each time. I disconnect in the early game usually as a fight starts , then I have to reconnect. After the first disconnect it doesn't occur again sometimes it does.

    Still happens No one is asking for priority, the problem is it's an issue that hasn't even been addressed. It sucks to get the Morde treatment: I mean, they're likely debating killing off the Mac client all together. Only riot has the numbers on who actually plays their game on a Mac, but given the lack of attention since release of the client we can assume it's not good. In the world of software development, an issue like this would take way more resources to fix than your average champion bug as you have to work with libraries and APIs that are written by other companies.

    As a result it's harder to fix and takes more time and sometimes, other issues take priority as it either affects a larger portion of the player base or the issues are much easier to fix. I never said I'm okay with the devs ignoring the issue. No need to tell me man, I have a mac and and lol runs just fine on it. But dude pointed out the price of his imac as if it should run games just because its expensive.

    They just want to play but they needed Mac because of other software reasons. They 'optimize towards their newer hardware' aka fk your year old system, go buy one more! It's a strategy that has been working for Apple for like a freaking decade, Apple updates are a dangerous thing.

    If you were Riot how high on the priority list would you put fixing problems Apple creates intentionally every what few months, for like I said a decade now? But macbooks? There are still people out there with machines from and earlier. And they work good with the newest macOS. I never heard anyone complaining about the lifespan of his macbook.