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As we all know, however, every piece of software has its shelf life and it seems as though that time has come for the popular iChat application.

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Worry not, if you are a regular user of the iChat service it will still continue to work in the new Messages app, but along with additional built-in features. The new Mac Messages Beta application adds additional scope to the iMessage service by now allowing users to send messages directly to a recipient using a Mac via either a telephone number or an email address.

The Messages app will bring the following features:. The messages application for Mac was obviously the next step in the iMessage revolution, just as we seen with the FaceTime for Mac application which shows Apple are committed to having maximum, cross device compatibility where possible and is further evidence of Mac OS X and iOS fusing together to form a unified OS.

The Messages app is currently in beta and can be downloaded from the official Apple website free of charge. Subscribe to our RSS Feed! RP on.

Before, if you were signed into the same Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad, then the Messages apps on each device would simply show incoming messages at the same time. As you replied back and forth, each device updated the conversation threads in unison.

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But this had big limitations. Messages in iCloud fixes all that.

It stores all your Messages iMessages and SMS texts , including attachments and images, to your iCloud account and syncs them between devices. If you delete a thread, it deletes everywhere. If you set up a brand new device, it will have your entire Messages history.

How to enable Messages in iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In iOS beta versions prior to the release of In the final iOS Enabling Messages in iCloud on the Mac is done in the Messages app preferences, not system preferences. Once this is enabled on all your devices, messages should always stay in sync, including deleted messages or threads, attachments, or images and videos.

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