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No idea why Faith is behaving like this though. I just got an iphone 4 4.

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I tried using TU but it did not let me do it, because i was too late for that. Thanks in advance. You can save your current 4. Once saved, use Redsn0w0. Hello- I have an iphone 4 with 4. I have loaded a dodgy tweak and the phone is continually booting. I have Tiny umbrella 5. Can I use Ireb 4 to by pass this error seeing I originally used redsnow to jailbreak it. Thanks for your help with this.

So yes, you very well should be using iReb to get past this error. I have an iPhone 3Gs, it is unlocked. I went to update my phone and then I got the brick sign! It wont move from there, Ive tried everything! Can you please help! You need to install the. A simple Google would tell you the same. Hi, not entirely sure but I only have.

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Let me know how that works! Hello Again; You know i get itunes 28 error. I tried fixrecovery but stuck apple logo. My phone is lock and iphone 3gs.

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I found shsh record. I have 4,1—4,3,3 shsh record.

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I tried restore with 4,3,3 i get an arror same: stuck apple logo or same as a picture. Do you have a any ideas?

Thank you for helping. Best Regards..

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Always use a custom IPSW for your restore. Mmmm, i dont know, it wasnt my phone… But i think it wasnt, so u wouldnt know what connectors connects to the speakers etc? Cause i think the 1,2 and 3 that connects to the front side of the screen. I wanna ask u, i managed to downgrade to ios 4. Or is there something i can check? Its more of an hardware issue with the connectors. Did this issue prevail right before your restore? You might want to get it checked at an Apple store nearby. My phone is simlock. Can i open after 4,3,5 install? Instead , try restoring to iOS 4.

Thanks for the fast reply, But i am restoring to 4. And yes, i did set in TU what you have showed me, it either error or error pops out. Please confirm this properly. Now follow the restore in a pwned DFU mode. Do you get any single error? Using Ired to get pwned DFU mode. But i then get error I have double checked the setting on TU Sometime when i am lucky and pass , then get error. Then i tried Redsnow to put the phone into DFU mode. Then it felts that the phone was switched off and wasnt able to turn it on.

Error confirms that you do not have an SHSH blob saved for that particular version to which your trying to restore to. Do you still get Error inspite of the settings set from TU? What about a pwned DFU mode?

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Try it. I remmeber my other iphone was faster than this. Mmmmmm, I dont have that error, but now i have Error?

Mmmm, do u any chance have a msn that i can msg u directly? I believe that should help with the 16xx errors. Nope, i dont rely on a lock, I have tried stock 4. Do you rely on an unlock? If yes, then there is nothing that you can probably do about it right now. Make sure that you too set the settings of TU as I had mentioned to Selcuk. That is important. Yes, i know this method. And i get an error 28 again. Error 28 is bad.

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Pramod: Why does it have to be ios 4. And in your case, as long as you do not have a valid SHSH blob saved locally, you can forget about using TU to skip the because in that way, your just force installing a version with an invalid SHSH. Hello again; Finally i see movement on iphone. But i get an error Try again and i get an error This will get you past 16xx errors. Not even under recent devices right? Answer : yes. Open Itunes shift restore with 4,3,3 custom firmware.

Could you explain to me next step. And i appreciated for your very fast answer and interested..